Project Information



In 2010, Gannett Fleming West did a corridor study for the I-25 Interchange which proposed a phased approach to the construction of this project.

Since 2012, the loop ramp was reinstalled, the acceleration and deceleration lanes were extended on Southbound I-25, and a third lane was added on I-25 between University Avenue and Lohman.

Because of changes that NMSU has incorporated since 2012, Gannett Fleming West's recommended alternative needed to be reexamined. Their original proposal did not allow for access along Triviz Avenue into the parking lots for the Pan-American center during special events.

This project was updated with a new Interstate Access Change Request (IACR). It documented operational characteristics of the current conditions. It identified alternatives that were considered for improving this interchange. It summarized the alternatives' analysis that was conducted to select a preferred alternative for this location. When the study was completed, it was followed by a preliminary and final design for the interchange.

Some of the goals of this project are a direct connection of I-25 southbound into the NMSU Triviz underpass under University Avenue and access to I-25 southbound from Triviz.

Project Limits

The Interstate 25/University Avenue Interchange
and immediate surrounding roadways,
in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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Project Tasks

The project will include the following improvements:

• New University Avenue Bridge over I-25 to accommodate growth

• Triviz underpass of University Avenue

• Continuation of Triviz Trails to connect to NMSU Trails

• New exit ramp from southbound I-25 directly to NMSU beneath University Avenue

• Roundabouts merging traffic on both sides of University/Triviz underpass

• New entrance ramp from NMSU to I-25 southbound

• Roadway improvements to University Avenue from Triviz to Las Alturas to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles.

Project Design

The Study will concern the
following design.

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the design.

Project Schedule:

• Draft IACR (Interstate Access Change Request) – June 2017

• Final IACR – September 2017

• 30% Design – September 2017

• Final Design – August 2018

• Bid – October 2018

• Construction Begins – Early 2020